Here is what happens when I recovery from surgery.

After being told that I would need to take five days to recovery from a recent surgery and being informed that they would prefer me not to work on any of the system at work well under the influence of pain killers, I started looking for thing to kill time.

Well trying to find something to do for 5 days and not having much luck, I was surfing the web using Google’s Chrome Web Browser, I started looking at their “New Tab Apps Feature” or whatever it’s called. I started thinking that would be really simple to create a web based version of the application that did roughly the something, but wasn’t dependent on the web browser. It would also be handy for all those table devices that have web browsers. It’s kind of a pain to hit those little links with fat fingers like mine. After doing a quick design in my head, I figured what the heck; I got nothing better to do.

I decided to go old school LAMP on it with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PERL. I decided to use mod_perl and MASON as my frame work, MASON being a throw back from my short stent at I went with the old MVC architecture, since it’s the easiest for a one node system and because of my state of the art Dual Pentium Pro 180 MHZ, with 256G of RAM, and 14G 5400 RPM Hard Drive for the server that I was building it on.

After 5 days, a few additional week nights and Saturdays, here is what I came up with It is still in the Alpha/Beta stage by not a bad start.

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