Configuring YUM to use a Proxy Server.

There are two basic ways that you can configure YUM to use a proxy server.

First is by editing the yum.conf file pop over to this web-site. The yum.conf is usually localed in the /etc directory. You will need to add couple of parameters depending on your proxy configuration.

1.) The first parameter is to add the proxy server to the yum.conf.

# The proxy server – proxy server:port number

2.) Now If a username and password is required to login to the proxy server.

# The account details for yum connections

The second way is by configuring the user’s environmental variables.

1.) The first way is just by adding the proxy server information.

bash> http_proxy=”http://yum.proxy.server:3128″
bash> export http_proxy

2.) The second way is by adding the proxy server with an username and password.

bash> http_proxy=”http://username:password@yum.proxy.server:3128″
bash> export http_proxy


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